A Guide to the Climate in Goa

The climate in Goa is very pleasant and hospitable throughout the year. There are no seasons and the average temperature is nearly 28degC year-round. The dry season starts in February and lasts until June. There are few rainy days and the temperature rarely drops below 20degC. You can visit Goa anytime of the year; however, the coldest months are August and January. Here are some tips to make your stay in Goa as pleasant as possible.

Goa is hot and humid

During the year, the climate in Goa is hot and humid. The hottest month is May, when the average temperature reaches over 35degC and humidity is ninety percent. The drier season is between December and September, with the average maximum temperature falling between 22degC and 86degF. The drier season runs from January 17 to September 15, with a total of eight months of sunshine.

The temperatures in Goa can range from 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. During the rainy season, the temperature in Goa can fall as low as 72 degrees F and rise as high as 92 degrees. The dry season ends in September, when it is very pleasant with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-seventies. While the wet season is the rainy season, you can still expect some downpours in July and June.

Goa experiences over 2,600mm of rainfall

During the monsoon season, Goa experiences over 2,600mm of rainfall, most of which falls during the summer. The monsoon season is the most humid and hot period in Goa, but temperatures rarely fall below twenty-five degrees. While July is the wettest month, the rest of the year is still quite pleasant. In fact, the monsoon season in Goa is quite quiet compared to other seasons.

The Goa climate is warm and humid. The best time to visit is in November to January. Its average temperature ranges between 32 and 89 deg F. The winter months have cooler temperatures than the summer months. It is also rainier during the monsoon season. It’s generally less likely to rain in Goa during these months. A guide to the weather in Goa is essential. If you plan on visiting the beach, check out the local forecast before traveling.

Average temperature is 28 degrees C during

The weather in Goa is very humid in the summer. The average temperature is 28 degrees C during the dry season. The warmest months are January and February. The rainy season is from early June to early September. During the wet season, the temperature in Goa is usually sunny and pleasant. The coolest months are July and August. If you plan on visiting during these seasons, you can expect to find varying temperatures throughout the year.

The temperature in Goa is very comfortable. You can enjoy the seawater at any time of year. You can find the temperature today, tomorrow, and the next three days. The website also displays sunrise and sunset data. If you’re visiting Goa during these times, you can expect to have the best temperature. You can even find the water temperatures in the coastal regions of Goa. Its climate is very diverse and depends on what you like.

Dry season

Goa has two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The wetter season lasts for 4.0 months. From March 24 to October 31, there is a dry season and a wetter one. It’s not humid all year, but the temperature does vary from month to month, so it’s best to plan your trip accordingly. If you want to avoid extreme heat, consider visiting Goa during the winter.

You can get the latest information about the temperature in Goa at any time of the day. The hottest days in Goa are in December and January. In Goa, the shortest day is December 22 and the hottest is June 21. The longest day is August 23 with a temperature of 13degC. The temperatures in Goa are pleasant throughout the year but the hottest months are November and January. You can swim in the sea during these months.

The coldest time of the year to visit Goa is from January to December. The average temperature in Goa is 28degC during the summer and 29degC in the winter. During the winter, the temperature is slightly cooler and a sea breeze helps to keep the temperature down. If you’re visiting during this time of the year, remember to bring a sweater or a jacket as it’s extremely humid.

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