A Closer Look at Kamala Harris

There are plenty of things to love regarding Kamala Harris’ background. She is a graduate of Howard University and an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. (AKA). The membership of AKA contributed to her fundraising efforts for the campaign as well as voter mobilisation. Harris is a fervent supporter of women’s rights, and is a welcomed member of the new administration. 


Senate, a one she’s extremely confident about. However, Harris’s professional career has reflected the changing attitudes towards gender and race within America. U.S. in the last couple of decades.

The parents of her were Indian immigrants and she was a student at the school which was 90% white. She continued to take a course in political sciences in Howard University in Washington, D.C. But she later returned to California and was able to pass her bar exam. Her past includes tragic family events, political careers as well as education.

Public service

In her role as vice-president, Kamala Harris has championed legislation to combat hunger, improving maternal health and also addressing climate change. Kamala Harris has been a part of several influential committees and has acted with aplomb. However, some of her advisors have expressed concern about her cautious ways and her propensity to take a risk. However, she has received much praise in her work as a public servant. Let’s look closer at Harris her accomplishments.


Before becoming a senator Kamala Harris served as the San Francisco district attorney.  But, she remained a supporter of vice president Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

In spite of these criticisms Harris has kept her moderate stance in the past as well as her calls to fund higher education for people with low incomes. Americans. Harris, who was the Former “top cop” in California has also made progress in making life better for families with low incomes by confronting the issue of class and race. 


Dr. Kamia Harris is a psychologist working in the field of mental health.  Recent projects have focused on the education systems of Third World countries. The people she works with appreciate her commitment and knowledge as is her research widely admired. She has provided some suggestions to those who are interested in an occupation in the field of mental health. Here, she outlines the most important aspects to take into consideration when deciding on an occupation in this field.

As a psychologist registered within Australia, Kamia has extensive experiences working in the both the private and public sectors. She has worked at the Department of Defence, the Australian Psychological Society, and the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health. Kamia is proficient in a variety of psychological interventions. These include counseling and the Critical Incident Response. Her specialization includes neuroscience and positive psychology research and the use of mindfulness-based methods.

Social-justice reform

When San Francisco district attorney Kamala Harris was first elected in 2000, she was criticised for her history of fighting against federal policies that placed disproportionately Black prisoners. Harris was against incentives to construct more prisons as well as locking people for longer periods of time, and she opposed the crime bill drafted by the then-Senator Joe Biden. In spite of her blunt speech Harris’s record was generally favorable to reforms in social justice.

in 2012 Kamala Harris announced her candidacy for president. her gender-based sexism made her a favorite among Democrats. Kamala Harris was a part of the debate with Joe Biden in her Democratic primary, and they exchanged passionate debates about race. Although her campaign initially garnered supporters, she lost her popularity and she was eventually pushed off the race for the presidency in 2020. election. Following the demise of George Floyd, Harris was one of the most prominent supporters of reforming social justice.

Green New Deal

Kamia Harris Kamia Harris, the California senator was the very first president hopeful to back the Green New Deal. However, while she has publicly expressed her support for the Green New Deal but her record on the ballot does not reflect her environmental justice beliefs. She has voted in favor of capital punishment, which was a huge increase in the budget for military as well as policies that incarcerated and imprisoned individuals. What will she do to win the respect of the environmental community? Find out more about Harris her policy on climate change as well as The Green New Deal.

Alongside its social and environmental policy stance In addition to its social and environmental policy content, the Green New Deal proposes ambitious actions on three main issues. The first two concern decarbonization, and the third one concerns energy efficiency and clean energy. The third section, which is an essential component of the GND is the need for massive public investment in clean energy projects as well as green infrastructure. These investments should be directed at communities in need. Finally the Green New Deal calls for an overall emphasis on justice.

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