A Brief and Informative Coinbase Review for Beginners

This Coinbase review is brief but it addresses all the major aspects of a crypto exchange that novice parties should be familiar with. Coinbase is arguably the largest crypto exchange in the United States of America and takes pride in offering its services to a vast audience. It offers some of the best features that are not only suitable for people who are experienced but also for those who are new to the crypto space.

After being established in 2012, it has now become one of the most prominent crypto exchanges in the market. It is one of the exchanges that is fully licensed and regulated, which is one of several reasons why it is opted for by numerous crypto investors and traders.

There is a lot you need to know about the Coinbase exchange before you use it to buy or trade crypto. If you are familiar with the available features you can determine if it suits your needs and begin crypto investing or trading.

Coinbase Review on User-interface

One of the biggest concerns beginners often have is the user-interface of the exchange they want to use. There is a multitude of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market but they don’t all cater the needs of beginners and experts alike. Some of the platforms have a complex interface and can make crypto investing and trading difficult and inconvenient for novice parties.

However, this Coinbase exchange review addresses the fact that this platform is ideal for new investors. The user experience offered by the exchange make it easy and convenient for new investors to step into the crypto space.

The user-interface is simple and straightforward and is easy-to-navigate. Therefore, if you are new to the crypto space then Coinbase can be a suitable exchange for you to use.

Learn and Earn Feature

the Learn and Earn feature is one of the most distinctive ones mentioned in this brief Coinbase review. This is one of the features that sets it apart from other platforms in the market.

The Coinbase exchange is not only a platform where you can buy and trade crypto but it is also an institution that aims to educate novice parties.

This is why this exchange provides educational content to the beginners in the form of online videos and guides. Novice investors can also take online exams to test their knowledge and get enough understanding that they can use basic trading strategies and benefit to some extent. However, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits are never guaranteed when it comes to crypto trading.

Payment Methods Available

This Coinbase exchange review also sheds light on the payment methods that are supported by the platform. This is also important for people to know, especially if they are new to the crypto space.

Different exchanges offer support to different payment methods that are sometimes not so versatile. Some platforms only offer a single payment method. Therefore, if you want to use an exchange you need to see the payment methods supported by it so you can determine if it is according to your convenience or not.

This brief Coinbase review mentions the available payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Crypto withdrawals and deposits
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfers

Safety and Security Offered

The level of security offered by an exchange is also an essential aspect to know about as it can help you use a platform that helps you avoid unnecessary risks and have a safe experience of buying or trading crypto.

As mentioned above, the Coinbase exchange is a fully licensed and regulated platform. This makes it one of the safest platforms in the crypto market. Using a secure exchange can reduce the security risks if not completely eliminate them.

Therefore, it is important for novice and experienced parties to opt for a platform that prioritizes their security above all else. One of the state-of-the-art security systems used by the exchange is two-factor authentication.

This Coinbase review also specifies that the platform offers insurance on digital assets, which is not supported by many cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase Pro Feature

Another unique feature that sets the Coinbase exchange apart from its competitors is the Coinbase Pro feature. As mentioned earlier, this platform is suitable for all investors and traders, whether they are experienced or inexperienced.

Therefore, to cater the needs of professional traders, this exchange offers the Coinbase Pro feature. This is designed specifically for professionals and features advanced trading tools that are required by the experienced traders. This advanced version also offers support to more than 50 digital assets, which can be traded directly for:

  • FIAT
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Key Takeaways!

The Coinbase review that addresses all the major aspects of the platform can help novice investors and traders in deciding whether it is according to their criteria or not. Therefore, as a beginner, you need to know the above mentioned details.

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