A Biography of Frank Azar

Franklin D. Azar is a personal injury lawyer based in Colorado. He is an aggressive advocate for victims of car accidents. Whether you are seeking financial compensation for a traumatic accident or a simple slip and fall, Azar has a proven track record. Read on to learn more about him. This biography of Azar will provide you with valuable information about his expertise.

University of Colorado in 1979 and was a member

Azar graduated from the University of Colorado in 1979 and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. After graduation, he earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Denver. include personal injury, class action lawsuits, and mass torts.

During his childhood, Azar worked on his grandfather’s ranch near Trinidad, CO. He mended fences, watered cattle, and branded cattle. While working on these ranches, he learned the importance of hard work, dedication, and drive. His work ethic and determination have led him to be one of the top attorneys in the area.

Franklin D. Azar, served as a District Attorney

Frank Azar was born on April 18, 1957. His father, Franklin D. Azar, served as a District Attorney in Trinidad and Tobago. Azar’s family was involved in the cattle ranching industry, and his grandfather put him to work branding cattle, fixing fences, and general ranch upkeep. His father discouraged him from practicing law, but he persevered. Today, his firm is well-known and his trademark commercials can be seen any time on major television networks.

Azar is an attorney who practices in Colorado. Aside from his law practice, Frank Azar enjoys imported cigars, old movies, and playing golf internationally. Azar also sponsors an annual charity tournament for students at Trinidad State Junior College called the Azar Invitational. This tournament draws participants from all over the country. The event raises money for scholarships at the college level. The foundation’s generosity is unmatched. If you’re thinking about hiring Azar, you’ll have a better chance of getting a high-quality legal representation.

Colorado. He was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa

Frank Azar was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. He was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity and graduated from the University of Colorado in 1979. His father served as District Attorney in Trinidad for eight years. He earned his law degree in 1981 and is an entrepreneur, a lawyer, and an accomplished businessman.

Azar’s career began in the 1970s and he quickly rose to success. He started his career by working in the family’s ranch. His father was a district attorney in Trinidad, Colorado, and he learned early on that hard work pays off.

Azar’s father was a successful attorney, with a reputation for being aggressive. He had won thousands of cases, including many class actions. He had worked for Wal-Mart employees and had many fights against big pharmaceutical companies. Azar was a seasoned litigator and has handled countless trials. Azar’s background is unique and his skills have made him a highly sought-after lawyer.

Not revealed any details of their relationship

His better half is named Jeanette Renfro Azar. Azar hasn’t revealed any details of his personal life, including his children. He is a highly successful attorney and has a reputation for being a great attorney. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, take a look at this profile. It will give you a good idea of what to expect.

He was born on April 18 and is 64 years old. He is a white, American attorney. Azar has won thousands of cases in Colorado and has a national reputation for excellence. Azar is an exceptional attorney. If you have been injured by a product or have been the victim of a medical malpractice case, you’ll be glad you found Azar’s firm.

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