8 Engagement Ring Trends You Will See Everywhere In 2023

8 Engagement Ring Trends You Will See Everywhere In 2023

Just as it is with art, there is no right or wrong when it comes to jewelry, especially engagement rings. While some people prefer to keep it classy and simple, others may want to experiment and be creative. Whether it is a classic solitaire engagement rings or a slightly modern split-shank engagement ring, both can leave a lasting impression. While both these choices are great, the main objective is to make your significant other immensely happy and leave them speechless. After all, your proposal has to be unique and memorable!

Nevertheless, you can safely assume that trends for engagement rings in 2023 are extremely diverse and equally striking. Let us look at what will turn heads in 2023.

  1. You cannot go wrong with vintage

When it comes to the classics, they always tend to make a comeback. As they say, style is temporary. Similarly, trends are also temporary. However, class is irrefutably permanent. Vintage rings, antique rings, and family heirlooms make for a sentimental statement and hold a special place in everybody’s heart. The Art Deco era of the 1920s will make a solid comeback in 2023. These rings have always used vibrant gemstones set around a larger center stone (similar to a halo setting). In 2023, you will see vintage halo settings with multi-colored gemstones because, well, who does not like a dash of color?

  • Black beauties

The boldly shocking yet beautiful trend you will see in 2023 is the craze for black diamonds. Inspired by Sex and The City 2, this engagement ring trend will regain popularity and attract attention. You are likely to see beautiful black diamonds in various combinations and settings. Black diamonds pair exceptionally well with rose gold in a split shank setting. However, do not be surprised if you see them in other styles. The advantage of sporting a black diamond is that it is rarer than a white diamond (while being comparatively much less expensive).

  • Gem is the name of the game

We expect to see many semi-precious stones making a comeback this year. While semi-precious stones have always been a favorite since the 1920s, Princess Diana became a trendsetter in the 1980s when she sported a sapphire engagement ring in a halo diamond setting. In 2023, we can expect an array of colors as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds will shine vibrantly and add grace and charm to the wearer of these stone-studded rings.

  • Bezel bedazzles

The prongs and claw settings are all-time super hits, but the bezel setting will flood your social media feeds in 2023. In a bezel setting the center stone is encircled in metal. This setting is versatile and pairs well with almost all kinds of materials. Not surprisingly, you can expect to see solitaire engagement rings in bezel settings all around you this year. A bezel setting not only protects the center stone it also bestows the ring with a beautiful and elaborately ornate look. It also gives your engagement ring a chic, modern appeal and aesthetic.

  • East-west engagement rings

For those who are unaware, an east-west engagement ring is a lovely modern interpretation of the solitaire setting. Imagine a solitaire engagement ring with a rose gold band, and then turn the center stone 90 degrees. Lo and behold, you have the east-west style engagement ring. This wonderfully contemporary aesthetic everybody loves for its uniqueness. It has all the beauty of a solitaire engagement ring and yet has the distinctive advantage of standing out from any regular ring. These highly customizable and versatile rings have gained popularity with men as well.

  • Pear-shaped and marquise-cut rings

Another high-flying fashion statement that you will see trending in 2023 is pear-shaped and marquise-cut engagement rings. For those new to this domain, both these rings are nearly similar. The small difference is – that marquise cut rings have a center stone shaped like a pointed oval. These rings were famous during the 60s and 70s and regained their popularity in the 90s when the name “Beckham” was attached to the marquise cut. Get ready for another comeback in 2023!

  • Split-shank engagement rings

A split-shank ring is a style where, as the name suggests, the band splits or parts as it approaches the center stone. This makes the gap between the center stone and the rest of the band quite prominent, thus making the stone look much bigger than it is. These rings look beautifully intricate and ornate and have the power to add that special oomph factor to your engagement. You can safely expect resurgence in the popularity of split-shank engagement rings in 2023.

  • Channel engagement rings

Rest assured that these rings would always be a mainstay on every list of trends in any year. A channel engagement ring is a solitaire diamond ring with diamonds set on its shoulders. The band has grooves between the upper and lower wall and the smaller diamonds are set in these grooves. These rings are classically beautiful and the quintessential go-to when looking for diamond engagement rings.

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