7 Helpful Steps to Change the Admin of WhatsApp Group Chat on iPhone or iPad

WhatsApp is a globally famous application with many convenient features such as messaging, calling … In addition, WhatsApp also supports users to create chat groups with more than 200 members. The following article will share with you how to change the admin of WhatsApp group chat on iPhone or iPad.

1 change the admin of WhatsApp group chat on iPhone or iPad

Launch WhatsApp on your iPad or iPhone. The WhatsApp icon resembles a white phone inside a green speech balloon.


Toggle to the Chats tab. In the lower-right corner of your screen, near to the Settings symbol, is a button that resembles two speaking bubbles.

To return to Chats if WhatsApp web opens to a previous chat conversation, touch the back button in the top-left corner.


On the group conversation, tap. To open a group chat in full screen, locate the one you want to edit and press on it.


Press the group name once. The group photo and the group name will be located at the top of your screen.

The Group Info page for this group will be displayed when you tap on it.


To find the “PARTICIPANTS” section, scroll below. A list of all the administrators and participants in this group chat topic can be found here.

All administrators will have a red “group admin” mark next to them.

The number of administrators that a group chat can have is unrestricted. In a group, anyone can be made an admin.

From the list, tap on a group member. A pop-up menu of options to update or communicate with this user will appear as a result.

Choose Create Group Admin. This choice will be located above the Remove user choice in the pop-up menu at the bottom.

This user will be immediately elevated to group admin status in this chat.

To make another user an admin in a group, you must first be an admin yourself. This option won’t appear on the menu if you aren’t already a group admin.

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