6 Things to Do When Your Child is Struggling in School

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Children facing difficulties in learning at school face various negative impacts on their behaviour. They often remain sad and in a bad mood. Besides, their confidence levels take a toll. As a parent, you are also stuck in a constant state of worrying that your kid is unable to adapt to modern-day education.

There can be multiple issues due to which your child is not delivering as expected in studies. Maybe there is a lack of understanding, maybe the learner is not finding the subject interesting, and more. Depending upon the respective issue, there is a suitable solution like hiring a home tutor, trying a different learning method, and so on.

We have shared some tips that you can follow to bring your kid back on the academic track. You can check them out and apply the one that seems suitable for your child. So, let’s get started.

How To Support Children When They Are Struggling in School?

Discuss The Problem With The School Teachers

Your children spend most of their time in school. So, school teachers are familiar with their learning issues in most cases. You can meet the teachers at school and get to know the root cause of your kid’s learning problems.

Indeed, school teachers can’t provide personal attention to every learner in the class. But they surely notice each student and know about their behaviour and academic performance at school. Is the kid not talking to other students? Is the child hesitant to ask doubts regarding the subject? Is he/she physically fit or not?

You can get answers to all these questions after meeting with the school teacher. Parents-teacher meetings are good opportunities to discuss such problems. But, if you think that your kid’s learning issue needs immediate resolution, consider arranging a meeting as soon as possible.

Reach Out To A Tuition Agency

There are high chances that your child is finding it difficult to deal with the academic tasks on their own. It is quite common nowadays that kids struggle with their studies, as education is becoming more and more demanding. But, you can resolve this issue by providing additional learning support to your child, with the help of a tutor.

There are various platforms from which you can hire tutors, but a tuition agency is the most promising learning alternative of all. Such education platforms have thousands of tutors listed on their websites. You can get academic support for your child, through personalised learning sessions, as per the learner’s schedule.

By reaching out to a tuition agency, you can hire experienced and knowledgeable tutors. Firstly, they analyze the student’s learning pattern and find out the potential problems. Afterward, they offer them a personalized learning experience, by adapting according to the kids’ requirements. This way, a tuition agency can be a suitable solution for your child’s learning issues.

Openly Communicate With Your Child

Before finding out the solution to a problem, the initial step is addressing it. So, if your children are struggling with their studies, you should not hesitate to discuss the issue openly.

In some cases, the parents think that communicating with the child on the learning issue will further decrease their confidence. Whereas in some cases, the kids keep struggling with their studies but don’t disclose anything to their parents due to fear of judgement.

However, both situations will only make things worse and openly communicating with your child is the only feasible solution. So, make a comfortable environment at home so that your kids can convey their issues openly.

Furthermore, while listening to your kids’ learning struggles don’t get judgemental. Instead, focus on finding out the core issue of the problem. Only with a solution-oriented mindset can you help your child cope with such issues.

Encourage And Support Your Kid

Every kid expects love and support from their parents, no matter what the situation is. So, you should understand that you need to be the support system for your kids, rather than criticizing them. Convey to the children that you always have their back.

When you and your kid act as a team, the academic challenges become easy to tackle. Even if you are not able to provide a solution to that particular movement, just listening to their issues with a positive mindset is enough. When children feel that someone is there to support them, they are automatically motivated to improve their academic performance.

However, if the child is not openly talking about the issue, don’t rush things. Gradually indicate to your kid that it’s okay to disclose whatever issues they face related to their academics. When your child is convinced that you are only trying to help, without being judgemental, they will communicate with you on their own.

Visit An Healthcare Expert

In some cases, the kids’ poor academic performance is a result of a learning disability. You can take your child to the doctor for a checkup. If your kid is diagnosed with a learning disability, they need proper therapy and medicine to recover from the respective medical condition.

However, you should not be worried if such a situation is created. Because you have to stay strong to support your kid to deal with this problem. Some schools also have dedicated programs for kids struggling with learning disabilities. By knowing about such a problem at an early stage, you can effectively start putting in early efforts to cure it.

Participate In Outdoor Fun Activities

Often the students’ problem is only that they feel overwhelmed with their studies and just need a little break. In such a scenario, going outside and playing some fun games can be a simple solution. You can play your child’s favourite sport, go for a hike, or visit a nearby fun park.

Maintaining a distance from the studies for a short time considerably improves the students’ performance when they get back to academic tasks. Even if your child is doing well in studies, you should head out for such fun activities from time to time, to benefit their learning.


After going through the above points, you should have become familiar with the top tips to help your children, when they are struggling at school. You can follow a method that aligns with your kid’s learning irregularities. However, keep in mind that if you keep supporting your child in such a tough situation, they eventually figure out a way to cope with this problem. Besides, your relationship will become stronger and the learner will become ready for the upcoming academic challenges.

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