6 reasons why your sourcing company in the US should go global

How do you ensure that your sourcing firm in the United States is globally competitive? Many of our clients have recently asked us this question, and the solution is straightforward: turnkey manufacturing. Here are six reasons why your US sourcing firm might consider going global with turnkey manufacturing:

1) Expand into new markets

Turnkey production is excellent, but relying on local demand will only get you so far. If you actually want to be successful, you must expand into new markets and tap into worldwide consumer bases. A global turnkey manufacturer can assist you with this, and you can gain all of the benefits. The finest source will have dealt with clients from various countries and procedures, as well as a global network of dependable suppliers. A manufacturer in the United States, for example, may not know how or where to source suppliers in Europe or Asia. It’s critical to take use of the wisdom that comes with experience.

2) Improve your negotiating skills

When a company is new to importing, they often make sourcing mistakes since they don’t know what kind of offers are available. It can be difficult to negotiate a good price if you don’t know where to look. This is where a seasoned partner, such as Wal-Mart or Alibaba, can help. We engage with worldwide suppliers and negotiate on your behalf as a turnkey manufacturer for large retailers. We can assist you in obtaining products at wholesale pricing from international manufacturers who provide made-to-order products with short lead times and high quality requirements.

3) Find international partners and investors.

Your company may be large, but unless it reaches a global audience, it will never reach its full potential. Working with a turnkey manufacturing partner has a number of advantages, including the opportunity to expose you to global business partners and investors. Success on a local level may or may not matter in your sector. Having international business partners and investors, on the other hand, offers up additional marketing, supply chain optimization, and brand-building opportunities that can help propel your company into superstardom— literally! Imagine introducing yourself as a large organisation from the outset, rather than a little startup with huge ambitions.

4) Spend less time looking for customers

Outsourcing may appear to be all about saving money, but it can also save you time, especially if you hire a worldwide team. For example, if you have a company idea but aren’t sure which countries to launch it in, consulting an experienced supplier who understands which markets have previously proven successful could help you source products more quickly and get a head start on attracting new clients. You might be startled to learn that little tweaks to your original product necessitate significant modifications in the way it’s sourced elsewhere. Turnkey manufacturers will ensure that everything is taken care of, so you won’t have to devote additional resources to this task. There are no more reasons to not attempt something new with turnkey manufacturing services!

5) Minimise the risk of import/export problems

While import/export rules and regulations vary widely by area, many businesses assume that sending their products through a worldwide sourcing firm will lessen the chance of import/export complications. The idea is simple: if you have just one contract and one partner to assist you ship and sell internationally, you’ll avoid costly blunders and falling prey to unscrupulous importers and exporters. Because most turnkey organisations have large networks, they can make importing and exporting easy for newcomers while maintaining professionalism.

6) Make the most of insider information

The concept of insider knowledge may seem clear to some, but it was not to many first-time importers who were used to traditional supply chain management. Here’s what happens in a nutshell: You buy inventory from a supplier in another country. After that, the final goods are delivered to your warehouse and placed in inventory. Then you move on to other things—marketing, design, development, and so on—forgetting all about the stock until it needs to be sold or shipped out again. Suppliers and customers collaborate at every level of product development and production in an OEIC business model, guaranteeing that both parties have total visibility from cradle to grave for each shipment of goods flowing through their supply chains.


Consider sourcing agent india if you want a more strategic, scalable approach to managing all of your product sourcing demands. Turnkey manufacturing firms offer a global solution that can help you decrease costs, enhance profitability, and improve efficiency. Contact a product sourcing companies in India immediately if you need assistance determining which outbound services are suitable for your company. We would be pleased to discuss how our services may best satisfy all of your business’s particular demands, based on our years of experience in outbound sales and logistics. Visit our website today to learn more about how outsourcing might help your company.

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