5 Ways To Get A Job While On Holiday In Australia

Spending a holiday in Australia can be a lifetime experience. However, sometimes, because of individual preferences and circumstances, it can become costly, too. In that case, looking for a job to cover trip expenses is the best option. You will be glad to know that from rounding up cattle to becoming a crew on a dive boat, there are numerous jobs open to international tourists, and you have to follow specific ways to secure a position. One such way is obtaining a Working Holiday Visa 417. However, there are other ways too, that are discussed here.

5 best ways to get a job while spending a holiday in Australia

Here we discuss the five best ways to acquire a decent job during your Australian holiday.

    1. Use a Working Holiday Support Program

Several working holiday support programs assist individuals in finding a job. Work N Holiday, The Global Work & Travel Co, Alliance Abroad are some of the providers of these programs that are well-known for providing stable job opportunities for working holiday applicants during their stay in Australia.

Besides assisting you in securing a job, these programs also offer airport pick-up and opportunities to get involved in social activities. In addition, they provide support in other areas, including finding suitable accommodation, setting up your bank account and TFN (Tax File Number), and providing training.

2. Meet employers personally

Once you start searching for jobs after arriving in Australia, meeting employers personally will be another effective way to get a job. This technique proves to be pretty successful, especially in the hospitality industry. You may visit various restaurants and bars to check if they hire servers or bartenders. If you want to take the job of serving alcohol in a bar, keep in mind that you must complete an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) training and receive the certificate.

    3. Search for jobs online

With great advancements in digital technology, searching has become much easier. Now, you can open your internet browser and start searching for something pretty easily. For this reason, employers also post job advertisements on various job websites.

In Australia, websites like Indeed, Jora, Seek, and Career One are the best platforms to look for open employment positions. If you are a backpacker, you can search for jobs on the Backpacker Job Board.

While searching for jobs online, you must keep in mind that it will be a good idea to look for contractual or short-term positions because these are the roles offered to work holiday visa holders. You will also find job listings mentioning their priority for working holidaymakers, especially if you search for hospitality or administrative jobs.

    4. Take help from a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency can also provide great help in your job searching venture. When you approach one of these agencies, they may ask you for your CV, so it will be better to have one. The CV will help them get an idea about your qualifications, skills, and expertise, and based on this information, the agency can help you look for jobs suitable to your skills, apply for job positions, and secure the job. 

    5. Find a job while travelling

When you are on a working holiday, you get plenty of freedom. Australia is a beautiful country to explore, and jobs can be found while travelling. Travelling will allow you to meet locals and other travellers, leading to jobs. Only you have to keep your eyes open. 

Which visas should you hold for a working holiday in Australia?

If you want to get a job while spending a holiday in Australia, you can check two visa options

– the Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 and the Working Holiday Visa 462. While both these visas offer the same opportunities, there is a slight difference in the eligibility criteria. To ease your job, all the details are discussed here.

For application help, you may hire an immigration agent in Perth.

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

This visa is granted to adults up to a certain age who want to find a job to fund their extended holiday. The eligibility criteria are as follows.

    • Your age must be between 18 and 30 years. However, if you are from France, the Republic of Ireland, or Canada, you can apply up to 35 years of age.

    • You must hold a valid passport issued by an eligible country.

    • There should be no dependent children accompanying you on this visa.

There are three streams under this visa, which allow the holder to stay in Australia for a maximum of 12 months.

First Working Holiday Stream

To be eligible for this stream, you must meet the general Working Holiday Visa criteria. The benefits of this stream include the following.

    • You can work anywhere in Australia.

    • Once the validity expires, you can apply for a Second Working Holiday Stream.

Second Working Holiday Stream

The Second Working Holiday Stream can be applied after working on a First Working Holiday Stream. Besides the general 417 Visa criteria, you must also meet the following requirements.

    • You must have held a First Working Holiday Stream.

    • You should have worked for three months.

    • If you are physically present in Australia at the time of application, you should hold an eligible Australian visa. You will also be allowed if your visa has expired not more than 28 days ago.

While holding this stream, you can do any work in Australia. Once expired, you can apply for
the Third Working Holiday Stream.

Third Working Holiday Stream

For the Third Working Holiday Stream, you must have completed 6 months of work specified by the 417 Visa. For this stream, too, you must hold or must have held an Australian visa that has recently expired (not more than 28 days before). 

Work and Holiday Visa 462

Work Holiday Visa 462 is also granted to young adults who want to cover their extended holiday costs. The eligibility criteria are as follows.

    • Your age must be 18 to 30. Unlike the Working Holiday Visa, there is no relaxation on age for applicants from any country.

    • Your passport must be from an eligible country.

    • Like the Working Holiday Visa, no dependent children should accompany you for this visa, too.

This visa is also divided into three streams, each valid for 12 months.

First Work and Holiday Stream

This stream allows eligible holders to work anywhere in Australia and apply for the Second Work and Holiday Stream.

Second Work and Holiday Stream

To apply for the Second Work and Holiday Stream, you must:

    • Have worked for at least 3 months while holding a First Work and Holiday Stream

    • Hold a substantive visa if you are in Australia

This stream will also let you do any work in Australia.

Third Work and Holiday Stream

For the Third Work and Holiday Stream, you have to show that you have worked for at least 6 months while holding a Second Work and Holiday Stream and hold a substantive visa if you are in Australia.

Who can help you in finding a migration agent?

Hiring a Registered Migration Agent Perth can ensure the best visa outcome. To contact them, you may take help from any reputed migration firm in Perth or search for their contact details on the website of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

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