Are you bored with offering blossoms and chocolates? Do something special this time and provide your bond with a much-required upswing on this Valentine’s Day. We have listed below some of the remarkable DIY gifts that you can get for your special man.

  • A jar filled with love notes:
  • Gifting a jar filled with love notes can be a beautiful way to portray and convey your love to your man. To do this, start by adorning a tiny glass jar, small heart-shaped stickers, ribbons and other embellishing items. This extraordinary gift can be put on a rack as an ornamental piece and can be personalised with a unique message from your end.  Nothing can be nicer than conveying everything that you feel about him and that makes you admire and love him all the more. You can add all your love notes denoting the full-hearted feelings that you hold for him. Getting such a special and thoughtful gift will truly make him emotional and will make him realise his worth in your life. At last, you can wrap the glass jar using some glittery gift-wrapping papers. This will make the glass jar look more decorative and attractive. You can never go wrong with this unique idea. You can also choose the service of online flower delivery on Valentine’s Day and get a bunch of vibrant flowers to the door of your beloved one.

  • Handmade cupcakes:
  • Your handmade cupcakes will not only indicate to your man how much you love, but they will also make them feel significant too. Choose his most preferred cake flavour and start baking. If you are a newbie, you can follow the guidelines by watching the YouTube videos.  While these handmade cupcakes are a distinctive deliciousness that will dissolve in his mouth as soon as he takes a bite. Once the cupcakes are properly baked, take them out and do the icing. Pack the cupcakes in a beautiful box and you are done. He will truly appreciate your lovely attempts towards making him feel loved.

  • A special romantic card:
  • One of the most popular DIY gifts is a heartfelt handmade greeting card. Make a special Valentine’s card for your beloved one this year by using some distinct designs and creativity. Make the card by shaping out a heart from coloured paper and writing some special message on it before attaching it. You will be surprised to learn that such sort of a card also levels up as a super exotic greeting card. On that card, you can choose to write all your unsaid thoughts and feelings that will portray your fondness towards your partner in the most unique way. Apart from this, you can also order cake online by choosing the best online delivery portals and make the day memorable and special enough.

  • DIY notebooks:
  • If your beloved man has the habit of maintaining his day to day records, then these handmade notebooks will make the most beneficial Valentine’s Day gift for him. You can make the notebook by attaching some adorning items of your preference to splash an additional personal touch. You can use cardboard to make the cover and bind all the pages together. This can turn out to be a useful gift that he can use regularly. While using this handmade notebook, he will miss you and hence this will strengthen your bond even more powerful. With this notebook, he can write his important events, his regular transactions and other important stuff. Use some coloured paper to decorate the cover. Engrave the name of his company if you want to make it look like an executive notebook or else you can also choose some other designs that will give a pleasant look to the notebook.

  • Customised photo frame:
  • You don’t need to get a photo frame from the local store when you can make it on your own. You can use black tape to make the borders and choose your favourite photo that will make him feel nostalgic. This can serve to be one of the most memorable Valentine’s Day gifts that you can get for your man. When you will offer him your handmade photo frame, he will feel extremely glad and by spotting the image he will turn his wheels back to the time when the photo was taken. You can choose to attach your first selfie with him or any other memorable images.

    The above-mentioned ideas are some of the most amazing gift ideas that you can choose to make for your beloved man on this Valentine’s Day. You can also take the help of online delivery services and send gifts to your special one promptly without facing any complications. Apart from everything, spend some quality time with your favourite person and create some lovely memories.

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