5 of the Best Ways to Plan for Senior Living

5 of the Best Ways to Plan for Senior Living

If you or someone in your family or home is moving towards old age, it is useful to have some form of a plan for this process, and for this time in their lives. Here are 5 of the best ways to plan for old age and elderly living.

1.   Determine What the Elderly Person’s Needs Are

You will need to do a full health and social assessment of the elderly person. Their healthcare professional will assist and there are some great free resources to use as well, like the does my mom have dementia quiz, that will all be able to put into clear perspective exactly what the elderly person needs and why. This is also something that will change from time to time, so have a regular means of catching up and healthcare checks. This will allow you to make plans that are as current and appropriate as possible.

2.   Know and Understand the Finances

There is no way that you will be able to plan any senior living or make any decisions if you don’t know what the person’s financial situation is. Where can they access help and assistance for senior living and how much have they saved up or have in a pension that will see them through their later life?

3.   Look at All the Options

Once you know what they need and how much money they have, then you will be able to investigate all the available options that cover these aspects. There are now so many different living options for the elderly that you should not rush and try to visit as many places as is financially and logistically possible.

4.   Look to Adjust Their Current Accommodation

No one wants to simply be moved out of their home and it is advised that you start adjusting the senior person’s lifestyle as soon as you begin the planning. If, for example, they are now wheelchair-bound, then install ramps and stair lifts, and perhaps look to have in-home care for additional support. Stagger any move and make it part of a communicative and sharing process, where the senior person can express their wishes concerning where they want to live.

5.   Involve Their Medical or Healthcare Provider

You should never move an elderly or senior person into a residential setting where they do not have immediate and ongoing access to their usual healthcare provider. If they are moving out of state, then look to have their medical records specifically transferred and allow them to make a few medical visits to their new healthcare provider before they move for good.

Planning for senior living is now accepted as simply part of elderly life, and many want to live as independently as possible in old age It is worth having preliminary discussions with those that you love as early as possible, so that there are no surprises. If you follow these simple steps, the process can be fun and exciting, and will allow you to find the best elderly care and living solutions for your family and loved ones’ needs.

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