5 best ways to earn from your YouTube channel

YouTube has achieved a highly reputed status in digital media. It has become synonymous with digital videos. Did you know that you can even earn a good income through YouTube Videos? Recent years have experienced a clear upsurge in online Video Consumption. Besides, many digital marketing experts predict that in the coming year video watching will become more popular than textual materials like articles and blogs. So, if you start your YouTube journey now, you would be in an advantageous position and enjoy the first-mover benefits. In this post you would learn about some best ways to earn through YouTube:

Join YouTube Partner Program

The easiest and most popular revenue option is to join YouTube Partner programs which allow you to earn a decent amount from ads. Moreover, you can even earn from this option without making any videos. In other words, it is an apt option for both content creators and noncreators. 

Start by agreeing to the monetization policies of YouTube. Next, work diligently on building a committed community of subscribers who watch your videos regularly. After reaching a total of 4000 watch hours and building a strong community of 1000 subscribers you can proceed with your monetization application process.

  • After logging in to your channel click the account icon located in the top right
  • Now click on youtube Studio
  • Click other features  Monetization in Th left menu
  • Agree to the term of You Tub Partner program after reading them carefully
  • Keep in mind that a Google Ad sense account is needed to start reviewing the money. You can either connect an existing one to your YouTube account or create a new one if you don’t have any.

Go For YouTube Premium

 If you are a pro at your art then you can also consider adding an extra revenue stream to your income criteria. For that, you can join YouTube premium. As the name suggests it offers premium quality paid content to your fans while also allowing them to financially support your channel by making contributions With Youtube premium your audiences can watch your videos without any ads. In that capacity, it also helps in keeping the audience engaged for longer.

  •  On Yoruba premium your payment depends upon the volume of content that your fans consume.
  • On the face value the YouTube partner program might seem to be a great wealth-building option but the total amount of income generally isn’t that impressive.

Sell different products

 Another best way to earn from youtube videos so to sell items through your channel. You can do this by posting reviews of different items or creating how-to videos around specific products. Right from a hairpin to a helicopter, you can just choose any products that you wish to sell through your youtube channel.

 Another easier way is to join affiliate programs where you just need to produce videos of related brands and add an affiliate link n the description. Don’t forget to ask for a special discount for customers if they buy from your link. It will offer a solid reason to the viewers to buy from your affiliate link rather than directly purchasing from the main website.

Ask for crowdfunding

If you wish to just concentrate on the creative aspect then you can also consider crowdfunding for any subsequent project. For that, you need to work on formulating your creative skills and talent into an impressive and attractive format. Thanks to different own cost or free, open-source editors it has now become much easier and affordable to make youtube videos that instantly capture the audiences’ attention and keep them engaged for long. 

For instance, if you are great at adventurous sports, then you can think about starting your website sharing information about such sports-specific benefits, training required and safety needed for playing such sports. Understandably you would need someone to fund your entire project including the cost of visiting different places, playing the sport, multimedia equipment, traveling expenses, etc. So, create a detailed list of activities/infrastructure required and the total cost. Making things transparent and telling your audiences clearly about e deliverables build trust among people and encourage more fans to support your credo funding program.

Ask your fans to fund your honest efforts

If you have a good fan base of committed audiences then you can also ask for pledges in return for high-quality material you regularly post for free. In that capacity, you are spending your workable hours to create free content. If you can put in as much effort and professionalism as is required for paying jobs, then you earn the eligibility to ask for monetary pledges from your audiences.

Many you tubers are earning a good amount into his way. While it cannot help you build a lifestyle wealth, you would find it easier to pay bills on time and also save some amount. However, your objective soul is to constantly update the quality so that the viewers keep on increasing the pledge amount.

Sell your great content to established media channels (through licensing)

 If you have nailed the art of creating videos that look as professional as those you watch on TV then you can also consider licensing out the videos to news channels or sites. Did you know that many established news channels both on YouTube and mainstream TV would happily pay a fine amount for adding your videos to their platform? You can offer them a complete video story around a specific topic- like your trip to the Safari Park in Africa.

Likewise, you may even create short snippets like filming the funny acts of your pet dog and selling that to media channels that will broadcast it as a part of compilations. One thing to remember here is that you need to have a clear cutting edge to earn through this option. Maintaining quality consistency is one of the major issues when creating full-length video stories. So, as a beginner, it is always best to aim for short and quick videos.


YouTube Videos are one of the best ways to earn online income. However, you need to have a full-fledged strategy and work diligently on your presentation and video-making skills to earn a good amount. In this blog, we mentioned some f the other best ways to monetize your youtube channel and continue earning good revenue out of it.

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