5 best tips to turn every blog post into a big success

Many bloggers try to achieve a good name, fame, and money in the blogging field but it isn’t an easy task. You not only need to have good writing skills but also the knowledge of how to market your blog, target the right audiences, and appeal to craft posts. In this post we will explain some of the best tips to turn each of your blog posts into a huge success:

Think before you write

Avoid writing a blog without designing a proper structure. Start by thinking about the purpose of your blog. What do you want to serve to the audience? Are you proposing them a new idea? Are you offering them practical tips on achieving their goals? Who are the main audiences of your blog post-corporate professionals, the general public, or high school students? How knowledgeable or proficient they possibly are about the topic you are going to write about?

All these key questions help you to create the posts with a high potential to ache their goals with the least barriers. It also offers you great clarity of mind and you would feel in full control while creating such posts.

Use a cogent structure to guide the readers

Noting annoys committed readers as much as a confused, garbled structure of a post. High-quality readers expect a well-structured agile blog post with clear deliverables being served at the right places and in the right format. Even Google bots find me easier and quicker to crawl through such well-structured posts.

So make sure that you adopt a set format of presentation that appeals to the audiences as well as Goggle bots and make things easier and faster. Three basic parts that any blog should follow are the introduction, body and conclusion. Along with that the formats like bullet points and lists, headings and subheadings, and special notes make your post even easier and quicker to comprehend.

Wisely distributed paragraphs and headings

 As a blogger or subject expert you might specialize in your niche. However, your audience is still on the learning journey. So your objective is o make things as easier for them as possible. Try to break the things into multiple digestible bite-size portions. Overflowing paragraphs or lists can put off the readers. Likewise, a massive volume of text-only materials can also bore them. So, try to create a cogent structure of each paragraph with a well-defined intro, mid and conclusion part.

Use transaction words at appropriate positions

Using appropriate transition words help readers to understand how different portions of a blog post related to each other. It also helps Readers to understand the sequence of different portions. With wise use of transition words, you can easily increase the clarity of your posts and help people relate seemingly different parts to each other. It helps in assimilating disparate elements and helps audiences understand your list in its entirety.

Find best ways to naturally incorporate keywords

 One of the most confusing elements of SEO is keywords. Many bloggers stuff too many keywords into their posts. It is not only interested in the smooth flow of boost but also alerts Google. It may also lead to penalties. Other bloggers fully ignore the keyword part which makes it difficult for search engines to study your posts well. As a result, you deny your post the opportunity to rank higher during relevant search instances. The best approaches are to identify the right keywords and use them sufficiently across key positions like headings, bulleted lists, etc.


Every blogger has a dream to generate good income through blogging but it requires hard work and smart strategies.  By following the high potential well-designed strategy you can turn your blog into a great success. In this post, we mentioned some of the most actionable ways to create highly appealing posts and attract high-value traffic to your blog.

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