5 Best Classical Music For Kids to Enjoy

The classical genre is a good start for kids and toddlers to appreciate the beauty of music. As per the research by AMP, around 82% of children felt positive and relaxed after listening to music. Few songs are mellow, while others have an upbeat vibe. You can choose to play them while on an adventure road trip or simply get them to sleep.

Here is a must-listen list of the top kids classical music for your child.

Whatever the reason is, getting your little one conditioned with classical music is highly beneficial for their development.

This list of the top five picks in classical music will help inspire, excite, and make your kids hop merrily to their tune.

Peter and the Wolf

There is no more nuanced way to introduce your kids to classical music than this symphonic fairy tale by Prokofiev. The entire musical is a narration done by well-known artists and music composers like Patrick Stewart, Alexander Armstrong, and David Bowie.

The story is composed of varied musical instruments, with each character having their music. For instance, the bird’s musical play uses a flute, the wolf’s uses a French three horn, and the boy’s by all orchestra strings.

Through this musical, your little one will be able to associate each character with the music. Hence, a great introduction to classical music and instruments of the orchestra.

Carnival of the Animals

It is one of the most famous classical music for children composed by Camille Saint-Saens. This musical is a culmination of 14 different movements about different animals.

What makes the piece interesting is the eclectic range of instruments used to represent each animal. For example, for the swan, the cello and the piano make up the music, a piece of glorious music for the lion, double bass for the elephants, etc.

This combination of beats and melody is not only a delightful session for your kids but also an effective one to get them to sleep.

Flight of the Bumblebee

This fun composition by Rimsky-Korsakov is yet another of the top kids classical music that will keep your kids immersed and engaged for a long time.

The entire musical demonstrates the buzz sound made by the bumblebees played on the piano,  violin, and  trumpet. It depicts the bees’ chaotic and rapid movement, which your kids would have noticed quite often.

More than being soft music, this classical is rather dramatic, amusing, and lively for kids of all age groups.

Relaxing Music by Mozart for Kids

This classical music piece for kids is the most soothing for kids in the classroom. Mozart’s music is pure and straightforward yet mysterious all along. It stirs cognitive development among kids, toddlers and babies.

Mozart’s energetic and melodic strings are a great way to help your kids get into the study mode.

The Nutcracker

This classical musical ballet is an excellent introduction for your tiny tots into the world of theatre and classical music. If you have a five-year-old at home, it is apt for them to listen and engage.

It is a pleasant and comforting experience for kids who relish stories with a touch of ballet music.

Wrapping Up

Playing classical music for your kids is an effective way to evoke poise and concentration. So, next time when you play a Beethoven piece for yourself, ensure that your little one is also listening.

If you have more options in your mind, add them too to your list of classical music tracks today!

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