4 Types of Journal Writing That Can Keep You Busy

“A diary is a man’s best friend.” We’ve all heard this quote several times and maybe even tried maintaining one, right? However, the majority of us wrote as kids or teenagers then stopped. Today, journaling is making rounds with the super amazing physical and emotional benefits it has to offer that go beyond diary writing. Thus, if journaling is not one of your hobbies then make it one, it’s going to help you lifelong.

Journaling has been in this world for quite a long time yet its benefits are still intact. Did you know journaling reduces stress, anxiety and improves your memory? While some are occasional writers, others write it religiously, no matter which one you follow make sure you establish a connection with it, only then will you be able to experience its rewards fully. Unfortunately, journaling isn’t given the importance it deserves. The best thing an individual can do to invest their time in something beneficial is writing journals. There is one for every interest area so read on to find out the various types of journals you can write to transform your mundane life into a busy one!

#1 The Blank Notebook Journal

One of the best ways to kill time is to involve yourself in writing a blank notebook journal. It’s like your own little world where you can travel to whenever you feel like, vent out your feelings, feel lighter and then come back to reality. But, how does it help in keeping you busy? Well, the blank journal is your canvas where you decide what colours you want to fill it with.

A blank journal fulfils every journaling need as, among all the different types of journals, this one offers you great creative freedom and choice. For people who are unable to find a journal as per their preferences or those who don’t feel like following a specific structure, this journal writing is made for you. For those who have more serious goals such as getting it published, then leave those to your computer or another book since your blank journal should solely have one objective: journaling! 

#2 The Dream Journal

As the name suggests, ‘dream’ journaling is the practice of writing down parts of your dreams every morning when you wake up while they’re still fresh in your mind. Be it good or bad dreams, nightmares, or daydreaming, record all of your unrestricted thoughts, emotions, and feelings in that specific state of mind.

All of these are instruments for unlocking the creativity that goes unobserved during routine life. Some dream journal writers tend to sketch what they see while others indulge in free-writing. It doesn’t matter, what’s important is you choose the one which suits your preference and positively helps you.

Dreams can sometimes reflect our perception of the world thus it’s always a good idea to reflect on them and the best way to do this is by keeping a dream journal. Moreover, if you make it a habit to keep the dream journal by your bed and write down the dream as soon as you wake up, you’ll notice how your memory improves and you stay busy!

#3 Artistic Journal

You might think this journal is meant for artistic people, well you’re not completely wrong. However, being artistic or not, you can always have an art journal to preserve your creative ideas and art pieces. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to emancipate your creative energy, just a pencil, some colours, a paper to experiment and you’re good to go.

Having an art journal is like a visual diary where you practice art and express yourself simultaneously. It’s a great way to work on your creative potential in a fun, exciting way where you don’t need words to explain anything. Just your imagination. Pure imagination. 

#4 Food Journal

You’re a hardcore foodie and enjoy experimenting with a variety of recipes? You travelled to Mexico and loved that Quesadilla and were inspired to make it yourself? Having a food journal will help you in preserving all these fancy recipes in one place so you can access them whenever you feel like it. But, that’s not it. Food journals can go beyond just recording recipes. For instance, you can paste a picture of that Quesadilla you had with your best friend, and that selfie you took in that particular restaurant. 

Another use of a food journal is to keep a track of your diet: what you consume throughout the day. This assists in planning meals ahead, and measuring progress. When it comes to food journals, the usages are unlimited. What’s common in all the options is it helps you indulge in something productive.


There are alot more types of journals, one for every interest area. Foodies can have food journals while art lovers can possess an art journal. The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is invest your free time in something that you can connect with, keeps you busy and is helpful for you. Indeed, journal writing is a great hobby: it’s fun, casual, exciting, productive, and aids people physically, personally, professionally as well as mentally. By being consistent, you might excel in it which will allow you to become a ghostwriter and rent your  ghostwriting services to clients, isn’t that amazing?!

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