2022 best Bristol community

The people of Bristol are the city’s most important resource. They are the ones who keep it going, while visitors come here to enjoy their warmth and hospitality. They make this city what it is and together we will continue to grow, prosper and create a better future for all of us.

The Bristol Community Blog is a blog from the perspective of an individual in Bristol, Ct looking for changes in their hometown that can be voted on by residents or submitted via email with requirements for what change should be made. This blog will also give updates on major projects happening around town without bias either way.


Open to the public

No restrictions on age group

Preference given to Bristol residents

Children and pets permitted (check behind gates with pet owners)

 Periodic events (i.e. Frisbee golf, volleyball, Sunday Picnic)

This blog will include information on the following:

Please join us as we get to know each other and our town better!

The Bristol Board of Elections is here to ensure the integrity of elections in Bristol, CT.

Student Life:

Students will learn about legal voting requirements and voting processes, as well as the importance of civic involvement.

Students will discuss measures they can take as an activist in their society to effect change.

Students will examine the role of professional lawyers and judges in relation to voting and representation, including what their job is and how it affects them.

Students will learn about the mayor, city council, board of assessors and school board members, their roles and responsibilities.


Students will examine the role of the mayor, city council, board of assessors and school board members in relation to their roles and responsibilities. Log in to AccessBCC using this address.

Students will learn about Rhode Island and Connecticut’s voting laws.

Students will read “The Prize of the Commons” by Gary S. Becker to discover how real-life economics affects how we conduct ourselves in our everyday lives.

This page will be used to communicate with students who are interested in running for the Bristol Board of Elections. It will include information on what a candidate must do in order for him/herself to run for a position on the Bristol Board of Elections.

Tuition & Aid:

Secured by the best in security, Bristol Community College maintains a safe environment for all students. The Bristol Police Department patrols the campus 24 hours a day and provides law enforcement on campus.

Campus Facilities:

The Bristol Student Center houses the gymnasium, fitness center, two swimming pools, two racquetball courts, squash courts and classrooms. Please describe your product or service in detail.

Construction equipment such as cranes are powerful machines that generally require one operator to operate them properly but can offer great economic benefit to construction projects when they are used correctly and efficiently.

Campus Activities:

Students can participate in intramural sports, clubs and organizations or events. Students also have access to the Bristol Community College’s Center for Workforce Development which offers a full range of training and vocational education services to the community.

What is one experience that stands out for you as a BCC student?

The first day of classes is always exciting, but I stand by my first college football game at Bristol Central High School as one of my most memorable experiences here at BCC.

Where is BCC:

What is the applicant’s relationship to the community?

I am a business major and I love to give back to the small towns that helped me get through high school. If I am not at work at my job as a chef in Bristol, I am helping with any volunteer events that are coming up around town.Who were key mentors in your life?

My mother has been going over my college applications for the past 5 years, but I think she deserves some credit for seeing so much potential in me. if you wanted to visit bristol then you can book a flight from airlinestime.com

Admissions Requirements for BCC.

The following are the admissions requirements for students applying to Bristol Community College. You must have a high school diploma or GED to be considered, along with any required supporting documentation. A high school transcript and class schedule are needed if you have not graduated at the time of your application. Students accepted into the college, who do not possess a high school diploma or GED, may take classes at BCC until their high school diplomas are awarded.

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