18 Amazing Unexpected Ways to Use WD-40 at Home

WD-40 is widely recognized for its lubricant properties, however it can be used for a variety of other applications that can make a difference in the home. Here are 34 creative ways to make use of the WD-40.

List of 18 Uses of WD-40 at Home

#1 Renew Faded Plastic Furniture

Bring back the shine and color to your plastic patio furniture that has been fading. Simply spray WD-40 directly over the furniture and then wipe it off using a dry, clean cloth. You’ll be amazed by the outcomes.

#2 Remove a Paint Smudge

WD-40 is also used on cars. If you spot an oil smudge on your vehicle — for instance, from a stolen shopping cart that was left in the parking lot — spray it with WD-40, then wipe it off with an unclean cloth. The smudge will be removed.

#3 Keep Dead Bugs Off Your Car Grille

It’s not a problem that your car’s grille or the hood are covered in bugs each time you drive across the highway, but do they need to be extremely difficult to get off? There’s no need to be. Simply spray WD-40 on the hood and grille before driving, and the majority of the bugs will disappear. The remaining bugs can be easily cleaned off without harming the finish of your car.

#4 Clean Carpet Stains

Do not let ink or other stains damage your beautiful carpet. Apply WD-40 to the spot and wait an hour before using your normal carpet cleaner or wash gently using a sponge and warm soapy water.

#5 Keep Wooden Tool Handles Splinter Free

There is no way to guarantee that tools will last forever. However, you can extend the lifespan of your wooden tools by preventing them from splitting. Simply rub a large amount of WD-40 onto the wood. It protects it from water as well as other corrosive elements and ensures that it remains smooth and free of splinters for the duration of your tool.

#6 Waterproof Shoes and Boots

If it’s raining outside, apply the sides and tops of your boots or shoes a coating of WD-40 before you leave the house. WD-40 is a protective layer, so that water won’t get into your footwear and make your socks damp.

#7 Prevent Wasps from forming Nests

Do not let yellow jackets and other wasps spoil your spring and summer time fun. Their preferred place to build nests is beneath the eaves. So the next time you go to your house, spray some WD-40 underneath all the eaves on your house. It will prevent wasps from constructing nests under the eaves.

#8 Get Poop Off Your Shoe

Returning home, you find that you’ve stepped into dog do-do during your walk. There’s no problem! Spray some WD-40 on the sole of your shoes to remove the poop from the crevices. Cleanse your shoes with cold water then your shoe will look fresh as brand new.

#9 Keep Spiders Away

What exactly does this WD in WD-40 actually mean? Water displacement. WD-40 is used primarily as a solvent. It is a lubricant with properties that are not derived from the substance but originate from dissolving elements.

#10 Tone Down Polyurethane Shine

A fresh coat of polyurethane could make wood floors appear slightly shiny. To reduce the shine and lessen the glare, spray WD-40 onto a clean cloth and clean the floor using it.

#11 Fix Squeaky Hinges

There is nothing more annoying than a creaking hinge on doors. Apply some WD-40 to the hinge, then turn it in a circular motion so that the sound should disappear.

#12 Keep Squirrels away from bird feeders

It happens frequently; when you add your bird feeders with seeds, squirrels eat it up and consume it all before the birds even have the chance. When you next fill the feeder, simply apply a thick coating of WD-40 over the top of the feeder, and the rodents will fall into the bushes.

#13 Loosen a Zipper

The zipper on your jacket will not have many chances against WD-40. Simply spray it directly on the zipper, and move the pull back and forth between the teeth several times. For more issues, look into the various ways to fix the zipper of your jacket.

#14 Break in a New Baseball Glove

Another great use for WD-40 that you’ve not considered yet? Make use of WD-40 instead of neatsfoot oil to help break in a brand new softball or baseball glove. The glove should be sprayed with WD-40. Place an object like a baseball into the palm and fold it inwards. Use a rubber band or belt and secure it to the glove folded. The WD-40 helps to soften the leather and then form around the baseball and create pockets. The glove should be tied for a few hours and then put on for a few days to fit into the shape of the hand.

#15 Remove Tight Jewelry

Do you think the ring is too tight? A short spray of WD-40 could assist you in sliding it away from your hand.

#16 Get Rid of Sticky Fingers

If when you’re working on your project, and you accidentally happen to stick some super glue onto your fingertips, apply WD-40 to the area. The glue will peel off by rubbing your hands.

#17 Remove Chewing Gum

Do not forget the peanut butter. If your child happens to get bubble gum stuck to their hair, spray it with WD-40. Then, comb it out, and wash thoroughly.

#18 Prevent Snow Buildup on Windows

Is the forecast for the weather predicting an epic winter snowstorm? The snow won’t stop falling, but you can keep it from accumulating on the windows of your home with the use of WD-40. Spray WD-40 on the windows’ exterior prior to the snow begins, and it will not remain.

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