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How to write Blog posts that capture the attention

You only have a few seconds when someone visits your blog to grab their attention. If you don’t grab their attention, they won’t be able to read beyond the title. They will most likely leave and never return. (Source: Akamai)

These are 12 things that you should think about when creating your next post. These are techniques to grab people’s interest and get them involved.

I don’t know how many people have written using the system. It works for my needs. The final product is always a delight to me.

What’s the subject matter? Good blogs have themes. It could be dogs and travel, surfing, or anything else. This blog’s central theme is social media. My blog posts should all be related to social media. 

I use Twitter to find inspiration for my next article. I find an influencer that has more than 100K fans. I also use Article Market to occasionally buy blog posts for my client websites. 

Notice how the influencer has 7222,000 followers. I would guess that such an influencer knows what topics to write about.

I go through the tweets until I get an idea for a post.

My article is likely to be very different from that of the influencer. I use their tweets for inspiration.

Decide on the keyword

Every blog post that I write has a keyword related to the subject. The focus keyword for this blog post is “blog articles.”

After deciding on the subject, the keyword is what I choose. This is a word (or a string of words) that will be used.

  • The title
  • The first paragraph
  • The URL
  • At least one subtitle
  • The ALT tag for every image is
  • Yoast SEO left the focus keyword empty.

How many of these bullet points can you find “blog posts” keywords?

Write a Solid Blog Post Title 

I don’t know how many people do the same thing as I do with titles. I used what I learned from Headline Analyzer’s web page to create a title for my article before starting it.

It must have at least 70 points. It will contain the keyword. I will write my title before I write the opening paragraph. This helps me keep my eyes on the subject and write well.

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To get a feel for how to use the Headline Analyzer, visit the page. Check to see if you can create titles with a score of at minimum 70.

If you have difficulty getting a score over 70, you can try adding a word from the 180+ Power Words Page.

Healing Analyzer can tell you how your headline would appear in the Google search engine results.

The importance and importance of the title cannot be stressed enough. If your title isn’t compelling enough, likely, your reader will never read beyond the title.

Get inside your audience’s heads. 

Decide the type of people that you want to read and comment on your blog posts. Write to them.

Imagine what your average reader looks like

  • Education level
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status

Use Subheadings 

It is essential to break down your article into sections. You can then draw them further in with clever headings.

Make sure every section is related to the heading.

Numbers can make the article more palatable if your main topic has many sub-topics like this one.

If your article has 17 topics, use the title “17 Ways To …” 

Then, create 17 subheadings and put a number before each one. Notice how different the numbers in this post’s title are from their subheading titles.

Your introduction 

A good introduction concisely summarizes the article within a few sentences. Be sure to pique their curiosity. Get them interested in learning more.

Using a smaller line helps draw the reader into your text. A picture should be placed next to your first paragraph to make the lines more concise.

Also, use the keyword at the end of the first paragraph.

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First draft

The old saying is that good writing can only be achieved by rewriting. Don’t worry about perfection with your first draft. It will only slow down your progress.

You can correct grammar, spelling, and syntax errors during rewriting. This is also the stage where you will add the remaining pictures you did not think of in your first draft.

The first draft is available here

  • Just write
  • Be careful not to be too wordy
    • Use bullet points frequently
    • Avoid using ten words if you can say it in 5 words
  • Let your personality be known
  • Connect with your readers on a more personal level.

Blast your Blog Post on Social media 

Writers should remember that you will be linking back to your post on several social media platforms. I use the following networks:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram can sometimes be a good option.

LinkedIn Teaser Article: This article summarizes some of the main points in the blog post. The blog post will be linked to it at the bottom.

Click the image below to get an idea of the layout of my articles.

You will notice that the header image taken from my LinkedIn home page will accompany me in writing a post. The article will be linked to the post.

Add images to your blog posts.

Our brains can process images much faster than words. Try to convey as many ideas as possible using both words and images.

Sometimes I create a screen grab to capture an image. One example would be the LinkedIn article.

Sometimes I get an original image from a free site. Sometimes I used Adobe Stock to get paid images.

The featured image will be used along with the first paragraph. It can also be used on social media. I typically go to Adobe Stock to buy the featured image that tells a story about the blog post.

Add Strategic Call to Action.

Most people who read this post are looking to make money through their blog.

You mustn’t try to make money fast. Your blog is for information and not to buy anything.

Add a monetizing call of action (CTA). It could be a simple form that they fill out to request your newsletter. It could be a small ad. You don’t want people to leave your blog because of too much advertising.

Optimize the Yoast SEO Score of your blog post

Use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. It will assist you in optimizing search engines for your post.

Final draft 

Now you can check the syntax, grammar style, spelling, and so on. Your final photos should be added. (I try for one image per 75-100 words.

Up to this point, I would have done everything on a WordPress Page. I don’t want anyone to link from a blog post to a new post.

At this point, I would

  • Copy and paste the source code from the page to a different post.
  • Copy and paste the title of the post to the new post
  • Make sure the focus keyword appears in the post URL.
  • Make sure your focus keyword is in Yoast SEO
  • You can throw the page away
  • To add a meta description and a keyword focus to the new posting

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