10 Tried And True Methods To Generate Leads For Real Estate Business

Generating leads plays an important role in growing the real estate business. However, lead generation in real estate can get pretty difficult. It requires a person to devise great marketing strategies, accompanied by personal touch. If you are also looking for ways to generate leads for your real estate business, your search ends here. We will take you through some of the tried and tested methods of generating leads for real estate.

Top ten methods for generating real estate leads:

1. Networking is the key

There is no substitute for the age-old technique of networking. You should have a stronghold over networking techniques as a real estate agent. It helps you broaden your clientele manifold.  Here’s how you can indulge in successful networking:

  • Attend events: Keep a tab on the social real estate events around you. When you attend conferences, webinars, and other such events, it opens doors for you. You come across various people from your field, including potential clients. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to attend real estate events.
  • Organize workshops: Even you might have something to contribute. Organize workshops where you impart knowledge regarding your area of expertise. This will help you build a positive image in front of your potential clients. Hence, both attending and organizing events is equally important.

2. Maintain a professional website

Having a strong online presence is pertinent in generating leads. Today, when everyone resorts to Google for finding properties, it is significant to have an online presence. Your professionalism should reflect on your website. An un-updated and incomplete website will leave a poor impression on the users. Your website should have the following elements to look professional:

  • Contact information: If you have a physical office, its address must be mentioned on your website. You must also include all necessary contact information like phone number, email ID, etc. Ensure that the numbers you put are all updated.
  • Video content on the landing page: Since videos perform exceptionally well in the SEO department, ensure that you create real estate videos and put them on the landing page. It will also help your potential buyers gauge your authenticity.
  • User-friendly layout: Everything should be made easily accessible to the viewers. A user-friendly layout will make it easy for the viewers to reach out to you.

3. Have a solid social media presence

Gone are the days when people advertised their products on newspapers or televisions to entice potential customers. Since everything is now readily available online, people have resorted to social media. There is a reason Instagram is flooding with thrift pages and other small business pages. Therefore, building a solid social media presence for your real estate business is the need of the hour. Implementing the following points in your social media strategy will help you generate leads:

  • Switch to a professional account: Whether on Instagram or Facebook, having a professional account is essential. The professional accounts have added features that help you make public posts and track the progress of each post.
  • Use leads advertisements: Even though real estate agents might be reluctant to spend money on ads, lead advertisements are a great way of getting traction. Video ads can work wonders for your real estate business.

4. Indulge in some video marketing    

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating leads. Videos assist your audiences in understanding your business better. When you create real estate videos, you provide your viewers with a 3D view of properties. This way, you save them the hassle of visiting the properties physically. Here’s all that you need to keep in mind while creating lead generating real estate videos:

  • Keep the videos crisp and precise: Since people prefer watching short videos, one must keep the duration in mind while creating and editing videos. If your video is becoming painstakingly long, use a real estate video editor to trim it. Include only relevant information in your videos.
  • Add fun elements to your video: Your video must be enticing to generate leads. Using a video editing tool, you can make your videos fun by adding interesting features like GIFs, fluid animations, smooth transitions, and more.

5. Ask for referrals  

Some people might be hesitant to ask for referrals. However, referrals can take you a long way. When you help a customer strike a great deal, ask them to refer you to other people. Not just clients, you can ask for referrals from family members, relatives, and friends.

6. Incorporate reviews wherever you can

More often than not, people read reviews about the business before availing of their products/services. If a client is happy with your services, ask them to leave a good review for your business on Google. Do you know what works better than reviews? Testimonial videos. Even though testimonial videos might be difficult to obtain, they fare even better than reviews. Request your clients to make short clips praising your services and compile them using a video editor to generate leads.

7. Show gratitude

Do not forget to thank your motivated seller leads clients time and again for availing of your services. You can show your gratitude to them by offering them discount coupons on future services, writing acknowledgment emails, or making gratitude videos for them.

8. Be responsive

Even if you are managing everything single-handedly, it is pertinent to respond to potential customers promptly. Sometimes, people are in urgent need of your real estate services. Late replies persuade them to reach out to the other realtors. Therefore, you must keep a tab on your work email, website, social media pages, etc.

9. Launch enticing schemes

During the offseason, come up with attractive offers for customers. Lucrative schemes will persuade your potential clientele to avail of your services even when they do not intend to. Therefore, promotional offers can help you generate a good number of leads.

10.  Begin your real estate blogging journey

As much as it is pertinent to maintain a website and stay active on social media, it is also significantly beneficial to have a real estate blog. Blogging helps you flaunt your ability as an expert realtor. You have the chance to showcase your skills and abilities with each assistive, designated, enlightening blog entry. Thus, having an active real estate blog instills a sense of trust in potential customers.


Generating leads for real estate requires time, energy, and effort. Sticking to successful strategies like being responsive, video marketing, real estate blogging, launching exciting schemes, and more can effectively generate real estate leads.  

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