10 Aspects of Choosing a Perfect Gazebo for Your Garden

10 Aspects of Choosing a Perfect Gazebo for Your Garden

In case you wonder, what is a gazebo — look no further than this word’s history. “Gazebo” is a combination of the word “gaze” and an old, not used today Latin suffix “ebo”, which means “I should”. It’s a place where you should gaze at your surroundings, enjoy nature, in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Now that you know what a gazebo is — here’s how not to get lost in today’s market of backyard wooden structures and to find a professional team for mississauga landscaping.

How to Choose a Gazebo

Yes, we know, ALL of them are beautiful. Those curved romantic lines, roofs that shine in the sun, pictures of people relaxing in them… marketing experts do a good job selling an idea of a perfect garden chill in a gazebo.

Even though you probably want them all, you still can install just one gazebo in your garden. And since none of us live in multi-million dollar mansions with acres of land to place an extra cozy structure, you have to be careful with your choice.

Here are the 10 top aspects you need to pay attention to, so your answer to “what is a gazebo” won’t turn into a short “nightmare” in the future.

1. Location

First, you need to figure out where you are going to install a gazebo. If it is for a spacious backyard you may want to place it in a corner of the yard or somewhere along the edge. For smaller yards, gazebo placement should be in the center or along some boundary lines.

2. Materials Used in Construction

Gazebos can be made of wood or metal. Wooden gazebos are extremely popular because they look more natural, fit into the landscape design, and are ideal for permanent installation. They are often cheaper than metal ones but require maintenance (especially painting) every two to three years. Metal ones require virtually no maintenance but require a professional installer.

3. Size

Gazebo size depends on available space and budget. The larger it is the more expensive it will be. You may also want to consider the future expansion of your family or friends so that you have enough room in your gazebo for everyone.

4. Style and Design

All gazebos have their own style and design so you can choose one that you like the most. Some are designed for functionality, others to be purely aesthetic, while others combine both functionalities with aesthetics.

5. Plants

If you want to add some greenery and color your backyard should first be prepared for it. You may choose a gazebo that is designed for gardening or buy additional accessories for it. Decorated with plants and flowers, you will see your gazebo as a completely new and exciting place in the garden.

6. Privacy

Some gazebos offer more privacy than others. That is why you should plan your gazebo surroundings carefully. You may want to place a smaller one closer to the house where you can enjoy the view of the entire yard, or place a larger structure in a corner. Perhaps, two gazebos can be combined into one as an extensive entertainment area inside with comfortable lounge furniture and outside deck for barbecues, thus providing the best of both worlds —  privacy and fun all-in-one.

7. Storage

Use any form of storage to save space  — carpets, liners, or even camouflage netting. Be sure to choose one that suits your taste, or you may build a gazebo on legs for a more stable platform.

8. Exterior Finish

Most gazebos have some sort of exterior finish — wood, metal or plastic — but some are made entirely of wood and require only painting once in a while. Regardless of the choice you have in the material, it is recommended to finish it with a protective spray to prevent damage from weather.

9. Upkeep

Even if a gazebo is made of wood, its upkeep should be taken care of very carefully. Painted wood will require more frequent painting than unpainted surfaces, and you need to protect your walls from moisture. You will want to choose a location that is out of the rain and not in some area that may flood. Finally, keep in mind that gazebos are long-lasting structures, but if you are planning on keeping your gazebo for more than 5 years, then you should probably consider an upgrade.

10. Safety

Gazebos need to be installed in a safe place. You can’t be careless and leave your girlfriend or family members alone on the gazebo while you’re away (unless they are experienced and experienced enough to stay in an open venue without falling through).


The garden’s main role is to make a place for living and relaxing, so you need to make sure the structure will look attractive and comfortable. If you take everything into consideration, you will have less problem deciding which type of gazebo you really need.

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